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Revisioning Batman

A dark skinned black man who loses his parents to police brutality at a young age. Witnesses their murder by white cops. This changes his life.
He is then shipped around from various foster homes as a child, struggling in school but excelling at his own self-study in military technology and the martial arts. Teachers ignore him and he somehow graduates highschool with minimum marks and then starts work at a fitness place as a janitor. He works all day to support himself and at night, studies technology and innovation at home.
His inspiration is the bat, a feared and resented creature that is invisible yet essential to the food chain. He is the bat. He is the forgotten. He is the nocturnal survivor.
Picking up odd jobs at various mechanic shops he stockpiles miscellaneous items and creates his outfit. His non-lethal weapons as well, because he has learned that the weapon of the enemy is the gun. And his mission is to help others survive and tackle the corruption and institutionalized racism. His ultimate enemy is indoctrination and those that refuse to challenge it.
He wants to be a hero that kids can look up to.
Because when he needed one, there were none to be found.


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    i love it. i thought of something similar for a catwoman who comes after Selina hangs up her catsuit. But this fits...
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    With the Robin slot open, this could be a possibility, you know, after they kill off Harper Row in 4 issues. But...
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    This? Would be the superior Batman. Fuck the rich white dude. This is the hero I wanna see.
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