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Uh oh! Someone’s just called me Racist!: A White Person’s Brief Guide To Coping with Feelings (Tumblr Edition)

So someone just called you racist!

As alarming and hurtful as this may feel, rather than lashing out at this seeming offense, take a moment to sit and think about WHY. What did you say to hurt someone? Is your white supremacy showing today?

A few things to consider:

  • If there was nothing wrong with your post, why did you delete it? Why are you so ashamed of what you said if everything was fine with it?
  • Posting 30 new pictures of people of color on your tumblr 10 minutes after the call-outs begin is not going to convince anyone that you’re not racist
  • Until you acknowledge the fact that experiencing racism is far worse than being called racist, you’re not going to get anywhere.
  • Claiming age as a defense - as in “too young to know better” …  please understand that if a child is old enough to experience racism, the offending child is old enough to take responsibility for the racism they just inflicted.
  • Sending anonymous asks to yourself and saying things like “As a black man” or “As a black woman” and defending yourself …? Well. Not cute. You’ve been seent. Take note and cut that shit out.
  • Acknowledge the fact that people of color are INDEED human and shockingly we do not all share the same views. (Example: Just because your friend doesn’t mind if you use X racial slur around them doesn’t mean you should use it around every person within the same racial group as your friend. And why do you feel it necessary to say said racial slur in the first place, shit bag?)


  1. You fucked up. Acknowledge it. Own it. Learn from it.
  2. Educate yourself, and NOT by asking people of color how to do so. We are not expendable resources available for your every whim and desire. The internet awaits at your fingertips. Take advantage of that shit.


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