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Queer Voices / TransParentHood

Last night I attended a reading series of literature/poetry at Intermedia Arts in Uptown, Minneapolis. It’s called Queer Voices.

For more than 9 years, Intermedia Arts’ Queer Voices reading series has been creating a safe space for GLBT writers and audiences to explore the day-to-day material of life without internal or external censorship. Curated by John Medeiros and Andrea Jenkins, Queer Voices is the longest running series of its kind in the nation.

If not a mostly white-washed environment, the series was pretty inspiring in the fact that some of the artists performing were pretty fucking excellent at what they did.

Except one.

Introducing to the floor we meet the author of TransParentHood, Leslie somethingorother. 

She made her debut proclaiming herself as the parent of a transgender child, switching pronouns repeatedly in order to describe her “Sam.” Charming, right?

In a queer space, this woman talked about her non-queerness, referencing her repeated transphobia and essentially her struggle to overcome her challenges.

Obviously this was a wonderful topic to bring up to an audience filled with queer and trans* people.

The sheer pride she had in her writing was disgusting. At one point she commented on how a doctor had awarded her with the title of being a “Pioneer” and she laughed about it giddily, proud of being such a decent human being as to not hate her child.

Awesome, right?

This woman talked about her child in the most stereotypical, dehumanizing way and it made me hate her. I wanted to vomit all over her face and set her afire.

"She had 10 fingers and 10 toes and the doctor said ‘It’s a girl!’ so we never knew something would be wrong with her."

But all violence aside.

Her shit sucked and it almost ruined the following performances for me (all except one because it was fantastic).

Dear tumblr -

I fall under the trans* umbrella.

I’m a human being, in case you’ve forgotten.

I am not something to be “fixed”. You will not benefit from my pain.

And if you are a shitty person and transphobia rules your life

stay the fuck away from me because I am out of spoons

all I have are knives left

and best believe I will use them on you.

Thank you.


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