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Reverse Racism: A Tumblr Story

"Racism is wrong. Racists are the most ignorant people ever!" types the 20s-something white male living in a middle-to-upper income neighborhood under his parents roof. Earlier that day, he had made a post casually making mention of his "black friend" and his black adopted cousin. Instantly he feels empowered by his statement and smiles broadly at the screen, certain that his assertion has somehow made him a better person. 

He feels a profound glowing joy building in his chest as he realizes that this is now something he can bring up at the dinner table later on that evening to his parents; they love hearing about how he combats racism through his bold statements of the obvious on the internet.

The next day he logs onto his blog to find that his post has attracted a plethora of people of color, all mocking his glorious post. He is enraged! How dare they, the people he is so bravely protecting, make fun of him?! He knows all about racism, he read How To Kill A Mockingbird, so they must respect his knowledge! 

Furiously, our brave hero types out an angry response, declaring himself an ally to the cause and demands that they apologize for their transgressions. To his dismay and further aggravation, more people of color chime in, calling him hurtful names like “Cracker” and “Cookie Monster”. 

Suddenly, the metaphoric lightbulb of understanding flickers on above our hero’s pasty dome. He has become a victim of reverse racism! Shuddering in horror, his flurry of fingers once again invades the internet, pouring out his well-intended yet firmly corrective advice. 

"I have so much to teach these people of color!" he thinks to himself, once again reassured of his place in the world. "Let me teach them of the error of their ways…"

[To Be Continued…]

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