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Story time.

There are so many things that are rubbing me the wrong way today.

In particular, the post regarding the 8 year old who was humiliated in front of her classmates. It kicked up a lot of raw feeling regarding my own past, my own childhood. The humiliation of an 8 year old, more or less anyone in a setting meant for education and learning is disgusting. When it happened to the 8 year old girl, was it about race? I wouldn’t doubt it. It certainly was for me. Some of the comments were eerily reminiscent of the kind that had been made towards me. Not only did I grow up in a very “white” suburban city, it was a very discriminatory one at that.

The police, the city and school officials, even the teachers had no problems letting me know how much they disliked my family. As far as they were concerned, I should have been living somewhere else because I was very much not welcome in their vicinity. 

School officials took my mother to court multiple times upon the basis of truancy and their belief that she was a bad mother. I remember multiple times, school counselors would sit and question me about the situation at home. My older sister, fed up with the racism and harassment she faced in school, dropped out and spent the time raising the younger ones of us, as well as working overnights at a nursing home.

Some things to consider before you go rambling about bad parenting:

  • I have a large family, and growing up it was just my mom taking care of us with no kind of child support to give us even a vague cushion of comfort.
  • My mother worked 70 hour weeks, as well as part-time on the weekends, in order to support us.
  • I can remember ONE singular time when my mother physically checked my homework/helped me with it because she actually had the time and energy to do so. That was when I was in high school.
  • When you’re living in a state of poverty, homework is not very high on the list of priorities because you’re more concerned about other things. Like food. Electricity being shut off. Etc.

You cannot make an assumption on parenting skill or attentiveness from the spare facts in an article online when there are SO many other factors that come into play. 

Dear tumblr-

Do some fucking research before you catch a bad case of the verbal diarrhea that some of you are so fond of spewing.


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    sorry our parents didnt have no time cause they were too busy tryna keep us ALIVE.
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