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when u nut and shawty keep suckin


im so upset



when u nut and shawty keep suckin


im so upset

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a young transwoman came into my shop today. she was shaking and crying and huddled in the corner. I gave her space (and a glass of water).

Eventually she felt brave enough to talk to me and I got her story. She’s 17 years old and has been on the streets for 3 months. Life, so far, hasn’t been kind to her. 

After failing to find emergency housing for her, Jai and I have taken her under our roof. 

If y’all have any means of support or suggestions, please let us know.







Wow.  I’ve never seen hair done that well, or a dress that amazing, in a long time.  Very impressive.  And the flowers in the background make it work even more.

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Living as Lane means

Chronic pain doesn’t go away, but people will still be pissed about how you’re “always sick” or “always in pain”

Your illness is apparently an inconvenience for them.


Living as Lane means

sometimes sleeping on your livingroom couch is your only option because your legs wont stop shaking while holding your body weight.

Living as Lane means

Every time you explain your condition, someone asks “Have you tried acupuncture?”

Living as Lane means

Dramatic changes in temperature means your body is going to require 4-5 more hours of sleep per night to deal with the stress of the rippling muscle spasms that last up to 6 hours a day.

Living as Lane means

You finally have some time to garden (it’s been roughly a month) 

so you do it

but now you need assistance getting dressed for the next 2 weeks because your body couldn’t handle 20 minutes of weeding the flower beds.


"Don’t be defined by your condition" often seems to mean "pretend your condition doesn’t shape your life or else".

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How many years have to go by
How many children have to die or grow up with without parents
How many movies have to be made
Before the genocide of the Palestinians will be acknowledged

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Is it ironic that I just used knots I learned in Boy Scouts to tie myself to my bed for another guy to fuck me?

oh my god^

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“Self-forgiveness is essential to self-healing.”
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Corn-Row Paintings by So Yoon Lym

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All these fine ass black queer men keep cruisin me
I see yo dick print on your jeans, bruh
Lets talk